The success of the lab is driven by a team of intelligent and creative researchers led by Dr. Weibel.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Nadir Weibel, Ph.D.

Dr Weibel is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego, and a Research Health Science Specialist at the VA San Diego Health System. His work on Human-Centered Computing is situated at the intersection of computer science, cognitive science and the health sciences. He is a computer scientist who investigates tools, techniques and infrastructure supporting the deployment of innovative interactive multimodal and tangible devices in context, and an ethnographer using novel methods for studying and quantifying the cognitive consequences of the introduction of this technology in everyday life. Read more…

Post-Doctoral Scholars

Dr. Ali Sarvghad, Ph.D.

Dr. Ali Sarvghad is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego. He is also affiliated with the  UCSD DesignLab.

Ali earned his PhD in Computer Science from University of Victoria. His main research interests include visual analytics, information visualization, personal visualization, human-computer interaction and user experience.  He is also interested in interdisciplinary research that bring psychological and cognitive sciences theories and principles into visual data analysis domain. His work on provenance investigates the use of analysis history for providing  proximal cues for navigating information spaces. Read more…

Ph.D. Students 

Yuanyuan Feng
(Visiting PhD student, UMBC)
Yonatan Vaizman
(ECE PhD Student, Advisor: Gert Lanckriet)

Master Students


Master’s Students

Brian Anderson

Pavan Kumar

N. Thangarajan

Xia Yu

Yingyan  Hua

Haohuan Li

Chenfu  Xie

Daniel Kaulen

Sandy Law

Constantine Che

Julia Lin

Yang Liu

Purvi Desai


Angie Nguyen

Christine He

Andrew Dang

Enrico Tanuwidjaja

Derek Huynh

Danilo Rodrigues

Fernando Nos

Arvind Satyanarayan

B. Jonesrebandt

Nastasha Tan

Kirsten Koa

Calvin Nguyen

Churen Shao

Patrick Torbett

Narine Cholakyan

Ram Dixit

Steven Rick

Matthew Hong

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